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The word Indaba means to gather, and this idea lies at the heart of our mission - to make yoga relevant and accessible to all. Ever since our inception, Indaba has strived to bring students a wide range of yoga practices, intelligently taught to the highest standards in a welcoming environment. This has helped make Indaba a much loved place to practice and one of London’s leading studios.


Over the years this experience has given us the opportunity to observe many great teachers and the different ways that yoga can be taught successfully. This has allowed us to develop an understanding of some of the qualities that make a great teacher. With a strong desire to share this knowledge and enhance the teaching of yoga we are excited to establish our long anticipated Indaba School of Yoga, where the art of teaching can be learnt from the finest yoga teachers today.


Our aim is to give teachers the tools necessary to educate, inspire and empower their students. And thereby we continue on our mission of making yoga relevant and accessible to everyone.

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